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"Do I really have to go to space invader school?"

It's not easy being Hex - he hates space invading, but on PLANET X that's all anyone ever thinks about. It's Hex's first day at SPORG'S SCHOOL FOR SPACE INVADERS, and everything is already going horribly wrong. His tele-belt keeps sending him to the wrong classroom, his ray gun is stuck on mutate, and he nearly gets disintegrated! That's what happens when you're the victim of a terribly family curse - THE HEX EFFECT. Can Hex survive school long enough to become a real space invader?


"Click-ka-chik POP!"

Hex may not be a very good space invader, but he's great at making robots - and Glitch is his best creation to date. The loyal little robot is Hex's best friend and confidant. Wherever Hex goes, Glitch follows - he even fits in Hex's pocket!



Dooper loves space-invading. He's always looking for something to disintegrate! He latches onto Hex on their first day of space-invader school, and even though they couldn't be more different, Hex and Dooper quickly become friends. Just don't tell him he's fat - he's got overactive elbow-glands!


"Put a sock in your gills, Steek!" "Shut up, Opo!"


Fun-loving Opo saves Hex from her horrible brother Steek, and she and Hex quickly become friends. 

While fun-loving Opo tries to be friends with Hex, her mean-spirited brother, Steek has decided Hex is nothing but trouble. He's heard all about the Hex effect and he doesn't want Hex ruining his chances of being the greatest space invader ever... even if he is a terrible shot with a ray-gun. Meanwhile, looks out for Hex when he accidentally blows up half of New X City!

"If in doubt, disintegrate!"

Hex knows better than to mess with Sporg, the super-strict headmaster of Sporg's School for Space Invaders - anyone caught misbehaving isn't given detention - they're disintegrated! Sporg has dedicated his life to training new generations of space invaders to do the Empress's evil bidding...


"We'll show these earthlings who they're messing with!"

Her Majestic Green, Empress Valoona XIII rules Planet X with an iron sucker. She demands unwavering loyalty from all her subjects - anyone not joining the invasion effort gets disintegrated! She leaves the space invading to everyone else, of course - she never leaves her grand emerald palace and is protected by an army of invincible sentry-bots.

"You know what they say - lateness leads to laziness, laziness leads to disintegration!"

Hex's mum isn't like most mums - she's one of the best space invaders on Planet X, and Captain of the fearsome 101st Hypersaucer Fleet! She wants Hex to be the best space invader he can be - and refuses to believe the Hex Effect is real. But Hex knows different...

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