Not just any stuff... your stuff.

This is your bit of my wesbite!

Send in your costumes, drawings, classroom displays, poems, stories, jokes and, well, stuff. If your stuff's suitably stufftastic, I'll stuff it here.

No visitors! Look what Mr Holden and Year 5 did to their classroom door! 

The pupils at Birches Green Junior School stitched heads to make Stitch Heads! 

Sebastian makes a fantastic Frog. He looks ready to save Princess Rainbow - and prbably the whole world!

Mr Sullivan's school hall display

is SCARILY good...

Y3CD's mad creations could have come from the mind of Professor Erasmus himself...!

Solomon can see with his eyes closed! Wish I could do that....

I wish I needed to eat, because James Dobeson's cake looks disturbingly delicious!

Sarah's costume reminds me I need

to brush my hair...

Riley's looks more like me than ... me! Scary...


Paige makes a great Arabella - she's even got Pox the Monkey Bat perched on her head!

Class 9 and 10 from Westerhope Primary have been writing about me! And someone called Guy Bass ... no idea who that is...

St Swithun's Primary School in Portsmouth has made a library display that makes me feel right at home...

Isaac has a torch to light his way through Grotteskew's dark corridors! I wonder if I could borrow it...

Ciaran's costume is like looking in a monstrous mirror!


Uh-oh, Arthur Curley looks like he's seen a ghost! Hope it's not the Ghost of Grotteskew...

This World Book Day costume looks so much like me I'm not even sure it is a costume...


What a handsome looking secret agent you are, Bruce! Mind if I borrow your jet pack?

Manu's creature costume is a creepily creative creation!

DInkin Dings head transparent.png

AAH! Eloise Martin's Manga character was inspired by me! 


Daniel and Max have got my eyes! And my stitches, and my stripes, and...

Skeleton Keys head crop.png
Skeleton Keys head crop.png

Cheese 'n' biscuits! Angus is the most stylish key-fingered skeleton since... me!

Crumcrinkles! Apparently this a human sprout called Sophia but I could have sworn it was is the Gorblimey...

Max Stitch Head.jpg
Dinkin Manga Inspired (Eloise from FB).p

Sarah's costume reminds me I need to brush my hair...

I wish I needed to eat because James's cake looks disturbingly delicious...

Solomon can see with his eyes closed! Wish I could do that.


6-year old Stirling looks ready to tackle monsters...

William Hooton knows that green is in this season!